UX Design and Research

Self initiated project
Dic 2021 - Mar 2022

Prototyped on Figma
Tools: Figma, Optimal Workshop, Typeform, G-Suite, Slack.

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What is Bud?

A date advisor app to get tips and support. With the belief that dating is like kissing, and “every kiss is like the first” the project focus on online dating for beginners or non-digital native.

Is choosing the picture? What to write in the bio? Or what to say chatting?

Online Dating is a Jungle

Dating platforms have shaped relationships and hooking-up culture as we know it today and is different from years ago before social networks. Presenting themselves, matching, texting, sexting, meeting, repeat. Navigating into the online dating jungle can be overwhelming.

I’ve explored different features to guide and support people who either are beginners, back in the dating pool, or simply want to spice up their life.

Bud *Boost *Ur *Dates

A single place where to find answer to the most frequent questions online dating related. Bud gives customized advice based on you. Browse through tips and articles, chat with AI advisors or match with dating coaches and get a 1to1 review of your photos or bios.

The Process

For this project I worked in the role of UX designer and researcher, focusing on the research of different use of platforms for dating purpose and analyzing frustration and frictions of users. I’ve applied the design thinking approach conducting, after defining the problem, competitive analyses, user interviews and personas. I’ve wireframed and prototyped a design concept which I’ve tested conducting user testing followed by 2 design iterations.


Using quantitative and qualitative data from user interviews, I defined two user personas: Anna the user and Alex the dating expert. During the defining phase of the design process, I want to better empathize with my target user group and prioritize design decisions according to their needs and goals.

Card sorting and Sitemap

Considered the vast amount of possible advice related to dating, Wellbeing (Wellness, Care, Health) Technology (Apps, Social media, Mixed signals)  Intimacy (Sex, Boundaries, Consent) Lifestyle (Fashion, Trends, Communities) Relationships (Life goals, Trust, Commitment) I conducted an hybrid card sorting test among ten participants with physical and cards and via Optimal Sort.

I used obtained data to evaluate the hierarchy of the sections and subsections, which led to the iteration of the sitemap.

I believe who is frustrated by dating online and is looking for help online would benefit to have a place to access personalized advice that would have a friendly interface. Most of the design challenge I faced were dealing this fact: dating is a very sensitive topic, which could easily create a big trust wall between the users and the app, more than any other online services.

The other challenge is the broad target audience, (potentially) anyone could want go on a date or could be interested in build awareness on dating culture topics.

How to create trust?

A conversational onboarding, to start.

I believe one possible way to break the possible trust-wall between the user and the app is a conversational interface. It would be a good way to onboard new users avoiding also that annoying feeling of “I’m singing up to another platform..”.


How to talk to a very large target group?

Ai button, fits all.

Dating issues can be related to a lot of different reasons and topics. To access a specific help without navigating the entire web I believed thematic AI advisors can assist you and redirect you to articles, tips or the help of a professional expert. I designed one button to make you able to ask, search or interact with the expert directly.

Design System

The logo uses Fredoka Semi Expanded typeface. All other typography in the app uses Gotham Rounded. Typographical hierarchy is limited to two levels per tier to keep communication simple. Text color is #FFFFFF by default unless #000000 is needed for button contrast.

Dating App Color Studio

The look of Bud is very minimal as existing dating apps that will be feature bud will have their recognizable brand ID, keeping in mind the target was particularly essential here to avoid confusion yet help navigate the users through the dating apps brands. To do so I studied the colors of the main actor in the scene such as Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid.

Bud main palette is monochromatic, from dark anthracite to grey when some element need highlight. Accent color and Secondary colors can be used to determine Bud content. Secondary color express Success, Warning or Alert / Dislike. Tertiary Color are representing Dating Apps features inside the app to help navigate through the content of BUD*. Neutrals are used primarily for text and for light contrasting backgrounds, as seen in the Profile Page.

Bud UI Color Palette

Apps Featured into Bud Color Palette

Bud UI Components 

User Testing

I’ve conducted a user testing aimed to evaluate the learnability of new users interacting with the app for the first time on their mobile. Observing how easily the user can complete main tasks such as signing up and going through the onboarding, if they understand the app and its mission, and if they can navigate through the app's core features.
More documentation available upon request 

Next Steps for Bud

This project was realized during the UX Immersion Course at Career Foundry but I’d like to keep developing the following parts:

➡️ I’d like to work on the IA of Bud. Developing the content structure of the app, which I found to be the core of how the service can effectively give support.

➡️ I’d like to develop better the home feed features adding new interactions to give custom made advice in a fun and effective way.

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