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UX Design and Research

Self initiated project
Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

Prototyped on Adobe XD

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What’s Jar?

Jar is a place for the creative communities. A mobile app focused on learning and discover new professional vocabularies and trends. Save words in your profile, discover definition, add your own ones.

Shape and remix your knowledge.

The Problem

Professions change fast as technology, so does professional jargons and vocabulary. In a time of exponential change, careers develop very specific terms for very specific type of job positions. When starting a new job in a new industry keeping up with new terms and jargon into your new professional environment can be challenging.

The Solution

An augmented vocabulary able to assist your new career change suggesting you trending words relative to your industry or simply keeping you updated on what’s up in your field. Browse through suggested words or create your own flash cards.

Meet Patricia: Primary User Persona

Patricia just started working as a producer in a videogame company, her job is to coordinate and manage the production of digital assets created by Illustrator and 3D Artists. She needs to be sure everyone is on the same page to ultimate the deliverables in time for the clients.

She is doing a lot of meetings and frequently needs to double-check online terms and idioms of the Videogame Industry and 3D Art. She has to browse and read through entire blogs to found the definition of what she is looking for.

Patricia’s Goal:
• Maintaining her workflow going not interrupting it with search sessions

Patricia’s Needs:
• Access reliable jargon easily
• Check terms for / during meeting

We believe that by creating a vocabulary app focused specifically on professional glossaries, will help Patricia with her daily task and help her gain knowledge.

The 5 Ws of Jar

Who: The Creatives (Millennials, Digital Native, 25-40 yo)
What: A mobile application focused on learning new vocabularies.
When: On-the-go for very short study sessions
Where: Lunch break, Transportations
Why: To keep track of what’s up in your field.

User Flows: Customize Your Jar Profile

Task Analysis:

Entry Point: Download the app

Success Criteria: Customize your profile

  1. Download the App
  2. Open the App
  3. Intro screens
  4. Create an account
  5. Log into the app
  6. Onboarding
  7. Select your current job
  8. Select the job position you’re interested learning about
  9. Select words from the jargon of your desired job, you already know
  10. Select “Save” to personalize your professional profile

Screen: Customize Your Jar Profile


Usability Test Report

Prototype Revision

Dislike a Definition Feature:

Saving A Word Into A Deck Flow:


I learned important lessons during the process of this project that have influenced my work moving forward.

☝ Wireframes are the hardest thing coming from Design and Art Direction as I tent to finalize a design in detail, but I start learning that the less a wireframe is detailed, the easy to draft solutions afterwords.

☝ Prepping the scenarios in the user testing is key and very helpful to succeed into a smooth user testing.

Next Steps for Jar

This project was realized during the Intro to UX Course at Career Foundry, I’d like to

➡️ I’d like to work on the social aspect of Jar, as a space where the creative communities can contribuite sustain and evolve creative and professional jargons.

➡️ I’d like to work better of the home feed, developing new interactions to study and memorize new words. Quiz, word games or other flashcards formats for example.

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